The abandoned study

The visitor enters a study room which he can explore autonomously.

White noise from a radio, indirect light, and dark walls create an eerie atmosphere. Lamps guide the visitor to explore the most informative spaces within the room.

The creator of the books seems to become real: Many references (created through objects and text), combined with hissing radio noise, create an illusion that he has just left his desk and might return soon.

The alternative, fictional world of N. becomes real and perceptible.

exhibitional areas within the study

Walls display a wild range of fragments from the books while imitating a pinboard, which can be viewed as a space of (N.s) thoughts.

A cabinet displays (fictional) measuring instruments to illustrate the spirit of exploring reality through science.

The visitor is invited to play with printed foils on an built-in light table hidden in an open suitcase. It's a playful way to be doctor in charge and scientific researcher of N.s mind at the same time.