Cabinet of curiosities - made from paper

The note books of N. contain an odd collection of age-old documents from the public domain as well as selfmade, fictional pieces of writing. These enrich the reader with knowledge and images from exact sciences, psychology and humanity studies.

Adding these documents to the book shifts the reader's thoughts and imagination towards the world of consciousness, fantasy and human perception itself.

I. Fictional documents

Furnished with many details, specifically designed telegrams, notes, vintage bills and doctor receipts illustrate N.'s experiences.

A fictional bill with easter eggs: who dares to decrypt the writing will discover which fears the protagonist ordered!

A traveling showman, specializing in optics, invites with a flyer to experience psychodelic sessions:

Fictional telegram from a friend (Klara) for N.:

Humorous wrapping paper from the market which will serve as paper for N.'s notes later:

A free form study combines symbols from the note books: How can consciousness be combined with shape?

A torn out page from a doctor's file explains steps of a medical (yet obscure) treatment:

N. writes about 'falling bottomlessly' in his note book:

More documents are to be found in N.'s note books.

II. Reproduced documents from the public domain (1700-1920)

Facsimiles of old documents imply great intensity and richness in science, when it comes to trying to understand the unknown. From a present-day perspective many (scientific) ideas still seem absurd, grotesque and fantastical - a fascinating trigger for the reader's imagination!

A glimpse into the huge collection of N.'s notebooks is presented here.